Tesla says it could have bidirectional charging in two years, but will it?

Posted March 9, 2023

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Drew Baglino, answered the question by noting that the lack of bidirectional charging was not really a conscious decision, but rather not a priority at the time. But, as Tesla has improved its power electronics units, it has found ways to reduce cost while also bringing bidirectional charging to its vehicles.

Immediately after, CEO Elon Musk stepped in to differ, stating, “I don’t think very many people are going to want to use bidirectional charging, unless you have a Powerwall, because if you unplug your car, your house goes dark, and this is extremely inconvenient.”

The answer was interesting because it gives a little insight into what Tesla’s thinking has been about bidirectional charging all along.

Bidirectional charging is the capability of a car to not only take power to charge the battery, but to send that power back to power devices, a home, or even the grid.

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