Telematics System Architect

Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany


  • Responsible for specifying a system’s architecture and designing it to fulfil the needs of its stakeholders and its functional specifications. This includes static as well as dynamic considerations of the system
  • Efficiently and consistently conveys the key elements of the architecture and design to the key constituencies in a language that is acceptable and understood by all parties
  • Determine key influencing elements, create alternatives, and evaluate them in light of technical, financial, and time-related considerations
  • Drive, justify and document comprehensibly technical decisions made
  • Clearly define the architecture and design to allow for its implementation, integration, and validation
  • Ensure that all pertinent system requirements are taken into account when defining the system architecture by aligning the definition of the system context and the system boundary with the system requirements process
  • System architecture and design should be described and documented
  • To divide the system’s complexity into more manageable chunks, disassemble the system and pinpoint its components.


  • Experience in Telematics
  • Fluent speaking in English & Japanese
  • Engineering requirements

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