Plant Manager

Saltillo, Mexico


  • Confirming working targets of areas of responsibilities or more than 2 plant functional department and ensuring that they work efficiently.
  • Collecting information of equipment, employees and materials. Completing related forecast, plan, report and offer a complete annual budget and make sure the plant can achieve the working goal.
  • Making sure that plants can complete production tasks on time and in quantity. Ensuring that products comply with the quality standard and be handed in time as well.
  • Using continuous improvement and innovation means such as 6 sigma, lean production, VA/VE and nationalization to improve efficiency, quantity and other working expressions as well as lessen costs
  • Helping plant managers to make the plan of recent 5 years and making sure projects can be on stream in time and on quality to achieve the goal of 0-0-100-100-30.
  • Building good interpersonal relationship and keeping in touch with domestic and internal customers. Contacting with related department in time and making quick responses according to customers’ requirement
  • Take management responsibility defined by relevant IOS documentation as well as the IATF16949/ ISO45001/ ISO14001 standards. Ensure Effective Operation of IOS documentation and continuously improve relevant process and their application of IOS documentation internal.
  • Mentor and train staff to use their talent and ensure the effective implementation of CID and succession plan, and continuously improving staff engagement.
  • In charge of safety works and practice related safety regulations as well as perfect safety equipment and practice safety protect and production target, and ensure employee and equipment safety.




  • Bachelor’s degree and above
  • 10+ years related working experience and 5+ years management experience.
  • Excellent on-site problem analysis and solution skills, as well as personnel management and emergency handling capabilities.
  • Capability should meet customers’ specific requirement
  • Knowledge & skills:
  • Fluency/good in English
  • Good knowledge of production safety.
  • Behavior requirement:
  • Comply with the requirements of the company values and LCM (Leadership Competency Model)
  • Compliance with Information Security Management Regulations and Codes of Conduct. Reasonable use and protection of company information systems and equipment. Keep the company’s important information confidential
  • Compliance with the company code of ethics and policies. Implementing the Value of Honesty and Integrity in Company Business. Comply with the laws and regulations of the place where the business is located. Do not engage in business or gain competitive advantage by illegal or immoral means
  • Strong interpersonal skills and communication skills, excellent teamwork spiri

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