Plant Manager - Consumer Electronics


Core Responsibilities and Activities

  • Responsible to plan financial and operational/non-financial results/indicators and cascade respective targets into the organization
  • Responsible to deliver the planned targets and govern all related actions to ensure (over) achievement of targets
  • Ensures profitable OTIF deliveries to the customers acc. to short-, mid- and longterm volume requirements
  • Act as a role model in and promotes actively compliance with all legal and applicable 3rd party requirements as well as with appropriate social and communications behavior
  • Responsible to build a strategy together with the team in order to achieve the objectives of the company and to follow-up on
  • Responsible to pass on to the lower chain of command the decisions, objectives and changes established by upper management and govern the achievement
  • Responsible to draw up forecasts regarding plant
  • Establishes and coordinates the company’s policies and procedures based on local requirements and also based on the policies and procedures set up in the group.
  • Supervises the efficiency of the employees from the point of view of adherence to quality management system
  • Responsible to improve the cooperation between his plant and other plants inside product
  • Supports the good collaboration within and among
  • Responsible to develop the management team and also to sustain the development of successors
  • Encourages/coordinates/supervises a well-educated and motivated
  • Evaluates monthly and yearly the employee that he
  • Responsible for the LEAN implementation in the
  • Responsible for the Quality and Environment Management System continuous implementation, maintenance and improvement
  • Strong leadership and drive towards people development, solution-oriented approach and agile to continuously adapt to diverse
  • Strong business acumen for effectively managing the costs and
  • Strong interpersonal skills requiring the ability to resolve conflicting situations under
  • Strong problem solving, team building and decision-making
  • Executing strategy/Operational excellence
  • Business acumen, business statistics/business analysis – Uses financial analysis to generate, evaluate, and act on strategic options and
  • Systems thinking (impact of own area on other areas), synchronization across value chain
  • Leading multiple functions
  • Knowledge of Customer Quality and Production
  • Knowledge of Industry
  • Establishes clear responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring results
  • Sets strategies for process
  • Team Leadership

Take Ownership

  • Lead by example and be clear on what to deliver and what not to deliver
  • Don’t put things “under the carpet”
  • Do things right and go where the job is done
  • Be transparent with what you are doing
  • Be a role model and take the lead and point out the direction to others
  • “Have a dream”

Add Value

  • Identify and anticipate needs
  • Develop a plan and optimize
  • Deliver and build a winning team! Collaborate
  • Align key objectives and critical actions
  • Understand and balance conflicting priorities
  • Ongoing sharing of priorities, plans and results

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