Logistics Manager

Berlin, Germany


  • Create, define, design, and deliver a Logistics Excellence Center that will exhibit best-in-class standards, efficiency, visibility, analytics, and risk management.
  • Create and implement training programs to improve the plant’s workforce capabilities.
  • Introduce new technology and tools to the plants to improve productivity, material control, supply risk mitigation, and supplier supply visibility.
  • Collaborate pro-actively with regions, plants, suppliers, and industry thought leaders to create a Logistics of excellence.
  • Increase the capabilities of the PC&L team members and the function in the plants and regions.
  • Define, design, and implement lean integrated supply chain processes that reduce overall material costs and risk at the pursuit and project levels.
  • Build an environment of trust, high performance, and engagement by establishing clear goals and objectives for all team members and the function.
  • Create a corporate centre of expertise to identify and share in areas such as demand planning, production scheduling, inventory control, functional efficiency, packaging, supply chain risk mitigation, transportation/logistics cost, and warehousing.

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