Junior Information Technology Security Consultant

Germany (Remote)


  • Autonomous completion of assigned project tasks: Independent and precise handling of assigned project tasks, with a particular focus on comprehensive documentation
  • Execution of organizational activities to ensure monthly planning: Ensuring smooth implementation of organizational processes to guarantee monthly planning
  • Technical quality check to ensure a transparent risk assessment. Experience in the administration of IT systems and the ability to diagnose and resolve errors
  • Management of the implementation of operational project planning: Leading and monitoring the implementation of operational project planning, with a clear focus on efficiency and effectiveness
  • Creation of documents and presentations on work content: Clear and structured creation of documents and presentations on work content for transparent communication within the team
  • Development and documentation of new offensive attack methodologies: Analysis and development of new offensive attack methodologies for continuous improvement of security strategies
  • Documentation of necessary technical solutions for risk minimization: Comprehensive documentation of technical solutions for effective risk minimization within the project goals


  • Completed studies in the field of computer science, information security, or equivalent qualification
  • Certifications in network administration are advantageous.
  • Experience in autonomous project handling with a focus on comprehensive documentation
  • Organizational skills for the secure implementation of monthly planning
  • Technical understanding and experience in quality assurance
  • Ability to manage operational project planning
  • Presentation skills and confidence in handling documents and presentations
  • Knowledge in the development and documentation of technical solutions for risk minimization
  • Language: German C2

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