IT Network Seucirty Engineer

Düsseldorf, Germany


  • Analyse and choose programming languages and frameworks, as well as business needs. Create the software architecture and high-level designs, and manage the development team
  • You should have a clear vision, create a solution’s blueprint based on customer needs, and build code that pushes engineers to adhere to standards so that scalability, performance, and security are given top attention from the start
  • Take charge of all decisions regarding administration and development’s automation strategy and policy
  • Work closely with many different technical teams and commercial units: You must identify needs, develop projects, secure backing for important efforts, and carry them out to completion
  • Oversee engineers and the technical team, ensuring that they develop a product in accordance with the vision, choose how the solution functions internally, and investigate available technical options. You are in responsible of the technical risks and code quality in the interim
  • Responsible to take care of functionality, performance, resilience, reuse, comprehensibility, scalability, security, technology constraints, and trade-offs. You have to make sure that your decisions are effectively communicated to both stakeholders and technical staff
  • Drive all critical decisions about the organization of the software system
  • Lead the development team, mentor them technically, and make sure they adhere to coding best practises and standards. As the project’s leader, you set project schedules, monitor progress, make sure deadlines are followed, and periodically update stakeholders on the current state of the project


  • Problem solving skills, communication skills, leadership skills and talented to bring your vision to the team to achieve the project goals
  • Several years of experience in software development, with a proven track record of designing and building complex software systems. You have broad understanding of coding and programming languages
  • You have a clear understanding about OWASP top 10 web application security risks & secure coding practices
  • Quick perception, creativity, structured approach, and pleasure in solving complex challenges, willingness for upgrading skills and ability to work under pressure, independent, structured, reliable way of working and hands-on mentality
  • Very strong in DevOps technologies and structures. Proficient in programming languages, particularly scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP and experience in working with external APIs in automation code. You should have good experience in data science, and machine learning software and methods

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