Head of Procurement

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Our client is looking for a Head of Procurement who will play a critical role in introducing and maturing the procurement department. You will lead the development and implementation of procurement, supply chain initiatives and strategic sourcing.


  • A prospective growth-oriented leadership role model in tactical and strategic procurement.
  • Establish centralised procurement procedures and organisation in close coordination with internal stakeholders, including project management, in order to comprehend project needs, technical requirements, and important project milestones and create procurement plans that appropriately address them.
  • In order to guarantee compliance with project specifications and industry norms, evaluate and choose suppliers based on their technical prowess, quality standards, and delivery performance.
  • Utilising framework agreements, rebuild the network of suppliers and subcontractors for crucial spend categories.
  • Establishing a governance structure and project sourcing board to guarantee that projects are completed within the allocated procurement budget.
  • Changing the conditions of payment will significantly alter operating working capital.
  • Lower the cost of purchasing for both new and ongoing projects.
  • Lower the cost of purchasing for both new and ongoing projects.
  • Create and put into practice supplier performance management for procurement. To promote continuous improvement and uphold supplier accountability, monitor important indicators and carry out frequent evaluations.
  • Oversee the complete procurement process, which includes negotiating contracts, managing purchase orders, evaluating bids, and requesting proposals (RFPs).
  • Ascertain that the strategic procurement team will contribute to bid management and assume responsibility for keeping up the price database, which will allow bid management to offer quotes for new projects.


  • Demonstrated expertise in supply chain management and procurement, particularly in an engineering-to-order or project-based manufacturing setting.
  • Excellent leadership skills, shown by a history of leading teams and achieving operational excellence in challenging supply chain settings.
  • Thorough understanding of supplier management, procurement best practices, and strategic sourcing within a tailored engineering framework.
  • Outstanding negotiating abilities, including a track record of managing contracts, creating enduring relationships with suppliers, and achieving cost reductions without sacrificing quality.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, including the capacity to handle intricate procurement procedures and understand technical specifications.
  • Knowledge of pertinent industrial rules, legal requirements, and quality standards that apply to the engineering and maintenance fields.

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