Customer Service Representative

Dusseldorf Permanent

Position Summary:

Throughout the whole sales cycle, the customer service representative will handle incoming orders, create invoices, and assist our clients.

You’ll oversee the preparation and routing of purchase orders, sales orders, shipping, shipping paperwork, and other related tasks. You’ll also make sure that our pumps are shipped in accordance with the law, applicable rules, and business standards.

You will be crucial to both our everyday operations and the happiness of our clients because the sales, shipping, and logistics clerk serves as the point of contact between our clients and all of our departments at various points in the lifecycle.

Your Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring prompt processing of quotation requests.
  • Handling incoming orders in accordance with client requirements.
  • Communicating customer orders, shipment schedules, and order status information to various company divisions.
  • Keeping an eye on manufacturing and utilising product expertise to notify customers about unit costs, delivery schedules, expected delays, and any other information they may require.
  • Generating shipping paperwork, including business invoices and export papers.
  • Registration and processing of shipments, including the preparation of export and customs paperwork in accordance with national laws
  • Holding discussions with employees from production, shipping, warehousing, or common carriers to speed up or locate missing or delayed items.

Your Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Possessing a commercial degree and prior experience integrating both domestic and international shipping with customer interaction is advantageous.
  • Solid understanding of customs clearance and international goods flow is a plus.
  • Familiarity with generating export and customs documents and shipping documentation in accordance with national rules
  • Proficiency in logistics operations.
  • Experience with sales orders.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with customers.
  • Excellent communication skills and a kind and self-assured demeanour.
  • Good written and spoken German and English proficiency

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