Cell Design Engineer



  • Perform analysis of major application requirements and test results
  • To assist manufacturing teams in resolving production process problems, provide engineering support
  • Establish a short- and long-term plan for reaching high performance and cost-cutting objectives
  • Effectively share results with larger teams both domestically and internationally
  • Analyze new electrolytes, anode and cathode materials, electrodes, and cell designs to see whether they meet the needs of the next generation of products in terms of cost, performance, and safety
  • Component, assembly, specification, and full suite of Phase Gate Process design, development, validation, and analysis
  • Together with quality and operations staff, assist with engineering-level test builds at manufacturing sites
  • Create a report, detailed technical specifications, and a DFMEA
  • Determine the safety mechanism, develop a plan, and put it into practise to increase safety based on your knowledge of the process, especially for cells using oxide chemistry
  • Work together with the Supplier Quality team to resolve any quality issues and establish and validate precise material specifications for new materials in relation to contact with material suppliers
  • Determine the direct and indirect effects of the materials being evaluated by analysing and evaluating cell data. Plan and carry out root-cause analyses of failures encountered during development and launch.
  • Work closely with R&D experts to better understand the performance, lifespan, and failure modes of lithium-ion batteries.


  • Excellent analytical skills, data analysis and statistical interpretation
  • Experience with developing technical specifications for materials
  • Highly understanding of failure mechanism in electrical and abuse testing for lithium ion battery
  • Demonstrated expertise and success in development of products for large volume production in a structured environment using DFSS or APQP methods
  • Excellent knowledge of formation mechanism
  • Highly understanding of electrochemical characterization e.g. ac impedance, SOH analysis, charge acceptance, cycle life etc.
  • Hands-on experience with developing technical specifications for components and assemblies
  • Individual drive and flexibility to work in a rapidly developing entrepreneurial environment
  • Resourceful, organized, with strong attention to detail and excellent interaction skills, capable of rapidly integrating observations and results into subsequent development activities.

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