AD Software System Engineer

Stuttgart, Germany


  • Conducting difficult tasks, such as designing the system architecture, integrating and releasing the AD software stack, troubleshooting system-level issues, and ensuring performance, stability, and security issues
  • Make a plan for important areas like chips, operating systems, middleware, etc. based on your assessment of the development trend of autonomous driving software
  • Be in charge of the overall system behaviour of the company’s autonomous driving software stack
  • Drive the delivery of mass production projects
  • Drive the development of the software’s architectural design and its adaptation to EU requirements


  • Minimum of 5 years experience in the smart hardware industry
  • Experience in autonomous driving is preferred
  • Competent in programming languages C++ and Python as well as tools and procedures related to software integration and release
  • A thorough understanding of engineering capabilities, the ability to oversee software development from start to finish, and familiarity with large-scale mass production procedures
  • Good at handling complicated technical problems, possess a well-developed technique to address system performance and stability concerns
  • Proficient in at least one of these fields: chip, Linux operating system, driver or ROS middleware
  • Familiarity with the boot, task scheduling, interrupt handling, memory management, file system, network protocol stack, and linker & loader programmes
  • Experience in startups is preferred

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